CredentialedMarch 22, 2018

Collaborative Divorce Texas has announced its 2018 class of Master Credentialed and Credentialed Collaborative Professionals.  Achievement of this designation demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of collaborative practice.

Master Credentialed Collaborative Professionals

The following Master Credentialed Collaborative Professionals have met all of the requirements to be credentialed and have significant additional case experience, as well as provided notable leadership and service to the collaborative community: Winnie Huff from Dallas, Camille Milner from Denton, Dick Price from Fort Worth and Honey Sheff from Dallas.

Credentialed Collaborative Professionals

The following Credentialed Collaborative Professionals have satisfied rigorous standards of education and training, demonstrated substantial case experience, and have passed a confidential peer reference process:  Julian Schwartz from San Antonio, Deborah Lyons from Austin and Larry Hance from Dallas.

The Collaborative Divorce process gives couples the opportunity to confidentially create their own customized divorce, focusing on protecting their families and preserving their resources and assets through solutions-oriented interest-based negotiation.

Collaborative Divorce Texas is a non-profit organization which provides its members with training, education and resources dedicated to helping families navigate divorce using an alternative to litigation.  For more information about Collaborative Divorce Texas, go to

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