Each team in the Collaborative Divorce has a neutral Mental Health Professional to assist with communication during the process and the child parenting plan.

While they do not counsel participants, they are trained to recognize if stress is affecting the emotional capacity or ability of the participants to move forward in a positive manner. This awareness gives the team direction to address the issues and/or refer the party or parties to appropriate counselors. If the children are exhibiting signs of stress, a neutral child specialist can be agreed upon and brought into the privacy of the collaborative process to be a voice for the children.

Each team in the Collaborative Divorce has a neutral Financial Professional to assist with the transparent process of creating a joint inventory and future participant/family budgets.

While they do not counsel participants on current financial decisions, they can address general questions that the participants may have about the economic uncertainties caused by the division of their estate, employment issues or even COVID-19. If needed, the team can bring on another specialist to provide financial planning information.

In conclusion, the most efficient, effective and private way to obtain a divorce remains through a Collaborative Divorce. COVID-19 has just brought that reality to the forefront.

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