Collaborative Divorce might be a good choice for you and your family. It’s your choice how you want to proceed. If any of the following sounds appealing, you may want to consider the collaborative approach to your divorce or family law matter:

  • You want a civilized, respectful resolution of the issues.
  • You want to keep open the possibility of friendship with your former partner down the road.
  • You and your former partner want to be co-parenting your child or children together and you want the best co-parenting relationship possible.
  • You want to protect your child or children from the harm associated with litigated dispute-resolution between parents.
  • You and your partner have a circle of friends and extended family in common that you both want to remain connected to.
  • You have ethical or spiritual beliefs that place high value on taking personal responsibility for handling conflicts with integrity.
  • You value privacy in your personal affairs and do not want details of your family restructuring to be available in the public court record.
  • You value control and autonomous decision-making and do not want to hand over decisions about restructuring your financial and/or child-rearing arrangements to a stranger (i.e., a judge)
  • You recognize the restricted range of outcomes and “rough justice” generally available in the public court system, and want a more creative and individualized range of choices available to you and your former partner for resolving your issues.
  • You place as much value on the relationships that will exist in your restructured family as you place on getting the most money for yourself.
  • You understand that conflict resolution with integrity involves achieving not only your own goals but finding a way to achieve the reasonable goals of the other person.

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