This fictional profile gives insight to the role that a Financial Advisor plays as a neutral in the Collaborative Divorce process.

Financial and Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce process is an alternative process to a traditional courtroom divorce.  The process involves the divorcing parties, their legal representatives, a Mental Health Professional and a Financial Professional.  The Mental Health and Financial Professionals are neutrals in the process – neither specifically associated with either of the divorcing parties.


Taylor B. and Jordan T. are attorneys who are representing Alex and Blake Wister, who have chosen to utilize the Collaborative Divorce process.  Taylor and Jordan contacted me, as a financial neutral to round out the Collaborative Divorce team that also includes a Mental Health Professional and a Parenting Specialist.


Alex and Blake provided information about their financial estate.  Each owned Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).  Blake has a 401K account and deferred compensation (restricted stock units and employer stock options).  They own a marital home, a vacation home, joint brokerage and checking accounts.

Values for each of the accounts were substantiated with current statements, recognizing the gains and losses in the accounts that held investment assets and the values of the deferred compensation as of the start of the marriage.  I presented options for division based on their stated goals, explaining each assets’ characterization and the effect on values.

Alex had not managed household finances in years and asked for assistance with establishing a budget.  I worked with Alex to identify anticipated expenses to determine cash flow needs.

At the conclusion of the engagement, I provided individualized financial plans to Alex and Blake that they can use as a benchmark for their specific households.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts play an important role in helping couples to resolve the financial issues in their divorce.  The neutral perspective allows the each member of the couple to understand their finances and options for dividing their assets and to build a plan for their independent financial futures. 

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